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David Wolfe Walker, B.A., J.D., Notary Public

David received his B.A. (Criminal Justice) at the University of Winnipeg, and graduated with his Juris Doctor degree from Bond University in Australia. Upon receiving his call to the Canadian Bar Association, he articled under the auspices and mentorship of well-known and leading senior counsel, Paul Walsh, Q.C., at the law firm of Walsh & Co., which traces its roots back to the legendary Walsh, Micay and Company. At Walsh, David specialized in criminal defence and civil litigation.

David takes great pride in walking in the footsteps of his late father, Jack Walker, Q.C., a well-known and respected lawyer, Manitoba Provincial Court Judge, and author of The Great Canadian Sedition Trials: The Courts and the Winnipeg General Strike, 1919-1920. Jack Walker, and David’s mum, Evelyn, together with David, founded the Children’s Cancer Fund of Manitoba. The fund assisted in advancing medicine in Manitoba for children and adults suffering with cancer and other medical issues.

David is unwavering in his determination to achieve justice for all people, regardless of race, colour, age, economic background, or orientation, and never settles when a more favourable result is achievable. His expertise, experience, compassion, insight, and strategic thinking are invaluable assets to clients charged with any criminal offence. He is committed to providing the highest level of legal representation, while always taking into consideration how each client’s particulars, needs, and circumstances uniquely impact every decision, strategy, and approach in their case. His practice is devoted exclusively to criminal defence and civil litigation, handling cases including simple traffic tickets, driving while impaired, complex drug charges, child protection, fraud, and complex murder cases, within all levels of courts, throughout Manitoba.

Rest assured that during critical moments and throughout your case, David will assist you in navigating these uncharted waters. His expertise will reduce the stressful experience as you face numerous potential life-altering uncertainties.

If you have been arrested or found yourself targeted as a suspect in a criminal investigation or matter, do not delay. David can help you in taking the necessary steps, utilizing every resource available, to prepare for the best legal defence possible. He is available around the clock, 24/7.

David Walker focuses exclusively in criminal defence law, representing clients charged with a wide array of offences. From traffic violations to indictable offences, David uses his advocacy skills, knowledge, experience, and tenacity to fight hard to protect his clients’ rights and preserve their freedom at all levels of court.
David can help with with appeals of all kinds, including Workers Compensation Board Appeals, Handi Transit Appeals, or any other appearance before an administrative Tribunal.
Located conveniently just one block from Manitoba Law Courts, both David Walker and Rana Bokhari are Notaries Public and are able to notarize your documents for you.
David Walker can help you through issues under the Highway Traffic Act, such as helping reduce charges for various driving offences, and dealing with fines or demerit points. David is available to provide legal services if you are dealing with traffic offenses that range from speeding tickets, driving without insurance, dangerous driving, using a cell phone while driving, careless driving, and many other issues or appeals.